Ibiza Restaurants to Visit for Mediterranean Cuisine

It is one of those paradoxes that no one really cares to untangle – UNESCO World Heritage City which is also one of the most exciting places to visit for nightlife and carefree partying.  Yes, that’s Ibiza for you.  While it is classified as a heritage area, the preserved sections also accommodate some of the most robust partying joints in the world.

Mediterranean Culinary Capital

However, that’s not all; if you are a Mediterranean food connoisseur then you are in for a treat of a lifetime in some of the most exotic restaurants. These are delicacies overseen by the most decorated chefs across the globe.

As such, a holiday on this island is a chance to relax your body and mind and also stuff yourself with your favorite dishes. Ibiza also introduces you to these exotic dishes if you have not yet sampled them. Truth be told, you will rue what you have been missing.

So, when do you start your Mediterranean culinary itinerary? Here are some ideas:

1.       Amante Beach Club


Next to Cala Llonga ona, one of the most amazing precipices that faces the equally scintillating Sol d’en Serra Bay, you will find Amante. At this laidback and relaxing place, you can sample the best of Southern Europe dishes. With Mediterranean dishes accompanying Tapas and seafood in a chilled out beach setting, what more can you ask for?

2.       Rincon de Pepe

An iconic Tapas bar with an impressive traditional Spanish rustic ambience offering authentic flavors, Rincon de Pepe offers s cuisine consisting grill, Ibizan, Tapas and Spanish menus. It opens daily from April to end of October.

cafe-sidney3.       Café Sydney

Located in Santa Eulalia town, you will enjoy the sight of yachts in the harbor in a relaxing dining environment as you sample Mediterranean meals served from breakfast to evening meals. With café bars facing the beach, it is one of the best experiences to enjoy a cool time away from the hubbub of crowds and savor your meals.

4.       Samovar Bar and Bistro

This presents one of the most family friendly eating joints in the island with dining alfresco, tapas and drinks on the bar. Your kids will be fully entertained on Saturdays and the live music enhances the ambience in the place. It is open all year so you have food to enjoy with family any time you visit.

5.       Elements, Puerto de San Miguel


If you are having fun north of the island, Elements is the place to eat out. Benirras Beach is yours to enjoy as you dine out with cuisine consisting breakfast, seafood, Spanish and of course the irresistible Mediterranean. If you want to relax your body and mind, then there is massage and yoga for you.  Can it get better than this?

There are myriad other culinary haunts that you must visit if you are to relish the incredible fine dining that the island is famed for. These include La  Cava Tapas Bar, Sa Capella, Moorea, Sa Punta Sa Soca, Kumharas Restaurant to mention but a few.

Well, you can’t really say you visited the island if you don’t have an exciting report of the delicacies that you sampled.  It goes hand in hand with the amazing sights and nightlife.

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Yacht Charters: Savor Ibiza’s Ethereal Beauty from the Sea like Royalty

-yacht-charterTake a minute to sample this; over 200 kilometers of breathtaking coastline, a classic heritage to sample, over 50 of the world’s most pristine white beaches.  What would you not give to savor such beauty? Well, Ibiza in the Balearic Islands offers you all this and more for you to relish during your vacation.

Leveraging Versatility of a Yacht Charter

Before you start thinking this as a gimmick, why not sample what yacht charters off the island offer?  For starters, you have to concur that Ibiza offers a fantastic blend of classic and contemporary vista that is rare to get anywhere in the world.

Not only do you have infinite beaches and hidden coves to explore but also the famous party life at its world renowned hotels make it the idyllic vacation spot.  Whether you are having fun alone, with friends or even family there is so much to do on this island.

However, the experience on your chartered boat is the icing on the cake.   Just when you start thinking things can’t get better, in comes the perfect boat package to take you away from the hustle and bustle inland to the calm waters and beyond.

Why should you consider Ibiza Yacht Charters during your next vacation? Here are some ideas:

·         Idyllic weather: With the easterly winds blowing consistently, sailing is a perfect way to unwind in this region throughout the year.  You can have some of the most laidback moments on sea here without having to worry about rough waters.

·         Wide variety of charters: From traditional monohulls to luxury catamarans and everything in between, there is no dearth of options for the best vessel to suit your needs. World renowned charter companies have their offices around because they appreciate the value of the island as a global center for boating.

·         Perfect location: When sailing you can reach other focal points such as Menorca, Majorca and mainland Spain within a few hours.  This means you can have the best of both worlds by shopping and dining mainland and continuing with your sea fun experience.

·         Best trip destinations: Ibiza comes with a glittering repertoire of areas to visit including the famous Formentera, which classifies as a virgin jewel ideal for every family. It offers an awesome exploration experience that your family will remember for the rest of their lives. There is also God’s Finger that falls under the esteemed UNESCO World heritage sites among other tiny coves that your captain will reveal with time.

·         Exquisite charter boats: If you have ever flown business class or stayed at a 5-Star hotel, then you are about to be dazzled by getting a similar experience on vessels that are available for hire here. The opulent, grand and cutting edge interiors, plush cabins and extra features in these boats will excite all your senses.

From beauty rooms, deck Jacuzzi, spa, sauna, sun deck, cooling systems to game rooms for kids it is obvious that yacht charters in Ibiza leave nothing to chance to ensure your comfort.

Yacht Charter

Reasons You Must Sample Ibiza Nightlife

ibizarocksArctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, David Guetta and Sven Väth, what comes to mind when you come across such a repertoire of names? Of course these are some of the biggest names in house music and one thing you will be surprised to learn is that Ibiza is their top performance platform annually.

The Swirling Ibiza Nightlife

If you are an avid traveler, you definitely prick your ears any time this island is mentioned even in passing because its nightlife is legendary. In fact, the 6 million-odd tourists who flock this favourite Mediterranean destination do so for the water and then the nightlife that swirls round and round.

But that’s not all, the clubbing factor has more to offer and if you have been looking for a place to really let yourself go, no other destination even comes close.  If you are not yet convinced, consider some of these factors:

1.       Galore of Nightspots

As a night bird you are in for a mind-blowing treat and some more.  From Soul City for the best house beats, Top 21 for salsa beats, Eden for drums and bass funky music, Hard Rock, Cocoon Ibiza, House of Madness, Amnesia where you enjoy the biggest parties, DC-10, Boat Parties, and so many other exclusive joints, there is something for you to jig your bones and relax.

2.       Hit the Waters and Unwind

The best thing about the nightlife in Ibiza is the fact that you have a way to unwind on water. You can hire a luxury yacht and get to see with an experienced crew. It will be a perfect way to savor the breeze and prepare for another night of partying.

These luxury yachts are operated by International reputable companies who own the vessels and have primed them for elegant and luxurious sailing.


They are equipped with sunbathing areas, outside dining areas, outside BBQ, TV, iPod dock, wet bar fridge and so much more. Whether for a hen or stag party or even a corporate event, you are well catered for.

You will get to watch the sunset on skippered boats with the most experienced talents on the deck.  As you bask lazily on the bays of the Balearics you will be able to recharge for another night of partying.

3.       Music Greats Haunt

From Ryan Platts, Paul Vince, Beth Yen, Skirillex, DJ SKT, Sam Devine, Gorgon City, Paul Osuna, Wolfpack, Getic Funk among others, there is no dearth of international house music, rock and electric music acts.  It is the only place you will chance upon Foo Foo Fighters and David Guetta in the same night. Talk of getting Thunderstruck a la AC/DC.

4.       Versatility of Tickets

Well, you might be out for quiet time away from the hullabaloo of the dance floor and this is where the large category of tickets comes in.  You can enjoy a cool VIP, Main Room or Terrace option depending on the night club you wish to attend. This allows you to spend your time the way you want.

Ibiza is synonymous with fun and as such ensure you juice the most out of the myriad hotspots littered in the island. After all, you always know a yacht hire in the morning will get your groove back on.

Quite irresistible, isn’t it?